Landon's Story

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Innocent" Comments

First I have to say...this blog is taking a long time to accomplish. We are living our lives and its been nuts. But this is just something I needed to get out there.


Need to get something off my chest. After we got out of the hospital today I had a run in with another mom at the pharmacy...just a random acquaintance I don't even know her name. We were both waiting and I said something about my son just coming home after surgery. She asked why, so I explained he had his tonsils out. She goes, "And they kept him over night?!?"

This did not surprise me, as just about everyone I've told since knowing about his surgery has been amazed by him staying overnight. I just explained that yes he stayed overnight. He has epilepsy, and that puts him at higher risk.

She gave me this face, like she couldn't believe it. Then said, "I would've paid to have them keep my child and they wouldn't." ....

While I know this was an innocent statement made by someone who couldn't possibly understand it has been bugging me all day. Really, "you would've paid" to have your child in the hospital? Like somehow we're the lucky ones? I wanted to say, "do you realize this was his 4th hospital stay since September?" you realize I know many families who would beg to have only our 4 hospital stays because they're there once a month or more...or for months at a time!

I didn't, of course, but sometimes I just want to. The eye rolls when I miss class (YES AGAIN!), or have to ask someone to work for me (YEP...AGAIN!)...and the "innocent" comments by those who have no clue. But to survive in this world we're told to keep our comments to ourselves. Be the bigger person, and walk away...Right?

Honestly, I'm not sure this is the best policy anymore. Maybe next time I'll tell the person EXACTLY what they need to be thinking about before opening their mouth.