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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

At the Top of our Roller Coaster

Right at this moment we're doing good. Landon woke up happier today, yesterday was rough. I haven't gotten any messages from school, that's always a good sign. I have yet another new route to get past these insurance road blocks, and this route was actually given to us by the insurance company. It seems our roller coaster is at the top of peak right now. here's to hoping it plateaus for at least a little while following this peak. This is probably about the 10th peak in the last 7 days, and to be honest my stomach cannot take any more high acceleration plummets towards the ground. 

So we are, hopefully, at the root of our problem with a solution in tow. The out of state doctors have agreed to write their justification of why the testing they want cannot be done at other facilities and why they refuse to interpret the results if it is. They will then send that to one of our in state doctors, who can then add their own justification letter and send both into the insurance. Given the insurance already told me this is what we have to do in this specific situation, I'm hoping this will work.

The one thing I'm still struggling with though, is I still had to ask his primary doctor to help us once again with this. He's done A LOT recently, and I can tell he's reached his breaking point. I did leave it up to him on whether or not he was willing, or if he even thought it'd work for him to be the one sending it. In general it'd be better for the in state neurologists to send it, but they pretty much refuse to help us with this issue at all, stating last week that insurance had already told them no matter what they do they'd be denied. I came to find out by contacting insurance directly, this had not been the case.

In fact it seems I'd be better off driving 3 hours for a pointless office visit with the in state neurologists because at that point they wouldn't have a choice not to listen. If it comes to that, I very likely will have to. 

So here we are still fighting for our son to see the best doctors possible for his problems, something that I don't feel would be any different for any parent with a sick child. I just hope we can figure it out and get him back there. There are some pretty big decisions that might have to be made if we can't get this situation to work for us, and none of them are particularly great for our family, but if it comes to that I think we've both decided we have to do what's best for our son...even if that means breaking us apart for a period of time to do so. 

I just hope all of this fighting will pay off soon here, and we'll get Landon what he deserves.

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